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Gambling anime

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Final, sorry, gambling games quarrel 2
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Gambling anime adamant 2

Postby Akinojinn В» 01.08.2019


This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Topic Archived Page 1 of 3 Next Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Anyhow, I'm currently in the E-Card arc for Kaiji.

I have to put it down for a while because there was just too much suffering going on think Re:Zero, that episode, but in real life where he went through that twice already and survived both times and the stakes here give me the Harlem Shakes.

I wholly recommend the show to anyone who enjoyed Kakegurui or is interested in the genre. It's great! User Info: FortePlus. BET makes my brain cry. Hopefully it'll inspire people to check out either of the shows. I thought the ending was fitting. It wasn't my favorite episode but I didn't hate it.

It wasn't like they could have progressed any further on the manga source material as there wasn't enough time for the awful tower arc. User Info: reptyle User Info: snesmaster I didn't know about Kakegurui, so I'll check that out sometime. Kaiji 2 is awesome, but it drags a bit. I still enjoyed it. So I watched episode Oh my God this episode is as dreadful to watch as Goblin Slayer's first episode.

I had to mute it at times because it was exactly as I feared and I could feel the pain in my head. This arc is going to be a slow watch. Don't misinterpret what I'm saying, it's a very good arc, it's just the stakes are too high for me to handle all at once.

I read the manga arc for this it's the Pachinko arc right? I was really into it at the start but as it just drags on and on with new obstacles presented every chp it just got too much.

The overall tone for Kaiji and Kakegurui is really different as Kaiji is trying to paint gambling as this addiction that never ends while Kakegurui is going for that adrenaline rush build up into a climax complete with O faces. Both are really good for what they do as I like the despair Kaiji feels and how it really feels like he can never escape his situation.

I've read a few series by this author but I liked Tobaku Haouden Rei the best. It's also a gambling survival series but changes up the games more frequently. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? And hoo boy, there's a reason why Kaiji is hailed as much as it is. The first thing that struck me is just how dreadful this show can be. There's a certain overwhelming sense of despair that permeates the show, as though it's stuck in a perpetual cycle to survive; both within the gambling death games and in real life.

In contrast with Kakegurui, this kind of atmosphere is barely touched with the reason being that Kakegurui's MC, Yumeko, has this air to her where it feels like she's always in control, even when she's tossing games over to Lady Luck. This demeanor and how comfortable she is in these situations are driven by her motivation to just enjoy high stakes gambling and how she just oozes sex appeal. She's stylish and gets a high grade of F for Fabulous when she's winning. Slick and sexy when she's losing.

Mind numbingly sultry when she's about to get raped. I dunno how she does it, but she just does. Back to Kaiji, our titular character is ugly as sin, a deadbeat, and a hopeless failure at life who's constantly on the verge of bursting into tears.

I can see why some people can prefer this show immensely to Kakegurui, it probably hits home for some. Another staunch difference between the series is the execution of the gambling duels. Kakegurui has quick high stakes, high intensity duels and keeps the ball rolling and the action flowing.

What made that arc so compelling is that the flow of the game changed throughout the 4 hour session in which they played. There were people who finished in 15 minutes and went about their business, there were people who lost in a half hour and wallowed in despair, there were those that struggled till the last second, and there were those who lurked around after winning to profit from their position.

The rules remained the same yet the way the game played changed so much, so often. And all throughout the battle, there was an ever present duel with the players' psyche to not give up, not give in to despair. Once you lose the will to fight, it's over. In any case, I wouldn't put one method over the other since they both have their advantages. Kakegurui's style benefits the overarching storyline more as she gets to interact with more people and, more importantly, recognize that she's a catalyst for other characters' development.

Without spoiling anything, I'll say that anime watchers will get to see the effects of her wins and losses on the school come next season. Thanks to the different gameplay speeds, the plot progression drastically widens the gap between the 2 in the difference of storylines.

I can liken Kaiji to someone fighting to get out of poverty and escape a psychologically abusive relationship. Kakegurui, on the other hand, is akin to a new politician disrupting a political system and causing upsets all around.

What makes this juxtaposition rather interesting and rather ironic, is that you find more genuine trust and loyalty in Kakegurui than in Kaiji. It's insanity! In Kakegurui, there can only be one person in charge in a cast with so many ambitious characters. Yet so many characters genuinely want to see others succeed and are willing to stake their lives on other persons' success with a proud and sanguine sense of faith for them.

It also helps that the MC, Yumeko, while being a big catalyst for other cast members' development, has goals that don't involve being numero uno. In Kaiji, in a war for survival, it's every man for himself; God bless them all. Even idiots who can't swim nor navigate abide by this rule for some ungodly reason. User Info: reptyle reptyle 1 year ago 7 there's a Kaiji spin-off to watch afterwards about Tonegawa that's currently ongoing, about Tonegawa and his team planning out rock paper scissors it's a very different kind of series but there's a couple fun reveals from it that really add to the main series Chase the morning Yield for nothing.

User Info: snesmaster40 snesmaster40 1 year ago 8 I didn't know about Kakegurui, so I'll check that out sometime. Azur Lane Anime to continue Spoilers. Interspecies Reviewers eps 10, ch - Anime vs Manga discussion What is the Wes Anderson films of Anime or Anime movies? Kakushigoto anime hype. Arte anime hype.

Kakegurui S2 OP FULL [Kono Yubi Tomare] JUNNA, time: 4:56
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Re: gambling anime adamant 2

Postby Yozshugrel В» 01.08.2019

The first season of the anime gambling between Adamant 4 and June 26, on the Tokyo MX Japanese television network, and was later released on seven DVD compilation volumes, each containing two episodes, except for the first volume which contains one episode. Visit web page made that arc anime compelling gambling gamblijg the adamant of the game changed throughout the 4 hour adanant in which they played. He tells her that a thunderbolt beast there has permanently disabled Suiro from flying after saving Kurama in the past. At lunchtime, Nanami is framed for stealing Kurama's money, until Tomoe makes a grand entrance in front of the other students, clearing her name and serving her lunch.

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Re: gambling anime adamant 2

Postby Taulabar В» 01.08.2019

Anime News Network. In order to be saved from this demon, Nanami forcefully kisses Tomoe to form a contract, forever binding him as her familiar. Air Gear Special. Miyakoshi finds the bear is actually a raccoon and decides to adopt this web page, though as she cannot have pets in her flat she forces Daisuke to take it

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Re: gambling anime adamant 2

Postby Faubar В» 01.08.2019

Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm follows this rookie group soaring high above the skies and toward their dreams, learn more here only with their unwavering passion against an uncertain future. Tsunade immediately calls Rahyo, tells him the Tsuchikage's threat, and asks him to stop the Tobishachimaru. Brain's Base 12 eps.

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