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Carroll Shelby is one of the unquestioned icons of the automotive age. The big Texan's story is uniquely American and unparalleled in its scope.

And his legacy, warts and all, is one that everyone who even remotely considers themselves a car guy or gal can appreciate and celebrate. So as part of the look back at 'Ol Shel's life and legend, we've created this timeline of his life from our Motor Trend archives and other sources that offers up a snapshot of a long and colorful career unlike any other in automotive history.

While on training missions, Carroll keeps in touch with his fiancee by dropping love letters onto her farm. As a flight instructor he trained young bombardiers and navigators. Shelby did not leave the U. December 18, Carroll Shelby and Jeanne Fields wed. December 27, Sharon Anne Shelby is born. November 2, Michael Hall Shelby is born. October 23, Patrick Burke Shelby is born.

January Shelby's first foray into racing. He pilots a flathead Ford Vpowered hot rod in a quarter-mile drag race. In his first race against other MGs he takes first place. Later in the day he wins again, this time beating out much faster Jaguar XK s. August Shelby wears his work coveralls from the farm to the track in order to make it to practice.

His choice of attire earns him more attention than his racing record. Shelby decides this is a good thing, and the striped bib coveralls become his racing trademark. The team did not finish. Shelby spent the rest of the summer racing Astons in Europe. Shelby returns to the U. Shelby T-bones a rock north of Oaxaca, about miles into the race.

Shelby's Austin-Healey flips four times, breaking bones, causing cuts, and shattering his elbows. Native Americans find him and offer him alcoholic beverages to ease the pain while awaiting help. March Still injured, Shelby continues racing with a custom-made fiberglass cast and his hand taped to the steering wheel. Shelby teams up with Phil Hill in a 3. November During a race behind the wheel of a Maserati Vpowered single seat racecar, Shelby spins out on the very first lap, ending up at the back of the field.

Shelby then passes everybody, going on to win the mile long race. It's one of the many highlights of his racing career. They liked it, but their bosses did not. February Shelby experiences chest pains at a friend's house. His doctor incorrectly diagnoses the problem as unrelated to his heart. Later that month Carroll moves to California, and separates from his wife, Jeanne, who stays in Dallas with their three kids. May Doctors diagnose Shelby's chest pains as angina pectoralis, a hereditary condition.

He drives a Type 61 Birdcage Maserati, and finishes fifth. Based on overall points, he wins the USAC driving championship for Pete Brock prepares the curriculum and helps with teaching duties. September AC Cars of England loses the source for its six-cylinder Bristol engine for its two-seat roadster.

Shelby mails a proposal to the company to keep building the chassis so it could be used for a special Shelby sports car to be powered by an American V At this time, he knows nothing of a new small-block Ford V October Charles Hurlock, owner of AC Cars, responds that he would be interested in Shelby's plan as long as a suitable engine replacement could be found in the States. The same month, Shelby finds out about the new Ford small-block V-8 and sends a letter to Dave Evans explaining his idea for a lightweight sports car and his need for a V February What would become the first Roadster is air freighted minus engine and transmission on February 2 to Shelby's SoCal shop.

Shelby has a dream in which the name "Cobra" appears on the front of his car. After the build, Shelby and friend Dean Moon test drive the new Cobra, looking to bait Corvettes, but none are found. March Shelby American begins operation at a shop in Venice, Calif. Shelby hires Ray Geddes, a Ford finance business school graduate to coordinate the program with Ford.

Maybe I traded him something for the work. May Shelby promotes the new Cobra by offering test drives to the automotive press. June Shelby American deals with start-up problems resulting in slower than anticipated production.

The AC chassis the Cobra uses requires extensive re-engineering for Shelby's intended application. Meanwhile, CSX is repainted a new color each time a different magazine test drives it, giving the appearance of many cars in production. In order to remain eligible, at least cars had to be built within 12 months. When the car was approved only eight Cobras had been finished. Shelby contemplated switching the chassis and body to an alternative because of the continuing problems.

With driver Bill Krause behind the wheel, the Cobra starts poorly, falls back, and then takes the lead at lap nine. The Cobra ends up breaking a rear hub and does not finish the race. The Cobra, however, is proven lighter and faster than the new Corvette Stingray. Miles is so confident, he pits for a drink of water and re-laps the Stingrays to finish behind MacDonald.

February Shelby's rivalry with Ferrari begins after a loss at Daytona. June Shelby American completes its first Cobras. The top Cobra finishes seventh. September Shelby begins work on what would become the Daytona Coupe, because the roadster lacked the aerodynamics necessary to achieve mph down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans. Pete Brock is tasked with designing it. Cobra production passes Both cars enter the Daytona Continental.

Bob Johnson and Dan Gurney finish fourth in the roadster. Though the Cobra coupe sets the fastest lap time, it doesn't finish the race, thanks to a damaged differential, and a fire. Driver Ken Miles spins off course in practice and hits the one tree in sight. The test mule is repaired in time for the race the next day. During the race weekend, Shelby meets with representatives from AC Cars and Ford to begin development of a big-block Cobra.

April Shelby American decides to go to Europe to race. The Cobra is fourth overall and first in GT, beating Ferrari. October The prototype Cobra is tested at Silverstone in England.

January The Cobra is unveiled to the press. Ford turns its GT40 project over to Shelby American. The Ford Shelby GT debut. Shelby American begins production of the coupe version of the Cobra Roadster. The GT40s all drop out, while one Daytona coupe finishes. December Hertz ups its contract for GTH models to units. September Planning beings for the Cobra's successor. November Shelby American moves to Torrance, California. Shelby holds his first chili cook-off. August The last brand-new Cobra Roadster is sold.

That's the price the Lone Star was to retail for had it made production. August Shelby begins marketing his chili mix. September As sales slow, the Shelby Mustang project ends. Leftover models are updated to specifications. February Ford and Shelby end their racing agreement. The little brown packets of flour and spices promise to "shake the meanness out of the most ornery, leather-mouthed chili-head that was ever born.

August , : The first annual convention of the Shelby Automobile Club of America is held in Oakland, California with about Shelby-philes in attendance. It's the first time since the 's that Carroll Shelby gets together with his former drivers. October Shelby contracts with Chrysler to create performance cars based on Dodge products. On his return to Detroit, he recalls, "I should never have got back into it.

But I couldn't turn Iacocca down. He was in trouble, and he'd always been good to me. November Prototype Dodge Shelby Chargers are built and displayed. Short for Goes Like Hell, in its most potent form the Dodge hot hatch packed a turbocharged 2. But, you know what?

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