All 46 Video Game Movies Ranked, Including 'Sonic the Hedgehog'

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The 'best' movies based on video games

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Top games quality movies

Postby Gardazilkree В» 29.04.2019


Below is a list of the best video game movies to date, and with each, we provide the trailer and budget information for context. The acting is also perfectly on point and self-aware. Sure, there is clever adventure movie dialogue all throughout the film, but the filmmaking and CGI are gorgeous and many of your favorite effects used in Marvel movies were advanced upon through this movie. Street Fighter has some cool fighting scenes and some fun to watch action scenes, but perhaps the one reason it falls a little further down on the list is because it expands on the source material too much.

Michael Fassbender is always fun to watch, and the stunts, parkour, fight scenes, and CGI is all really great. Where the film falls short is where so many Marvel films and modern action films seem to default. The final battles seem to lose their stakes by turning into waves of faceless and non-human enemies.

The style behind the film is great while the tone could have even gone a bit darker to more closely align with the actual video game. It's fun watch and well made, but the video game movie stigma is hard to shed. Doom was smart to play up the first-person shooter perspective as part of the filmmaking techniques. The casting is also really fun, and the action seems entirely appropriate for this kind of video game movie. Double Dragon is one of those movies that could only exist when it did, but I kind of wish they made more and more movies like this one.

There are some seriously creative visual choices laced throughout this film. Make sure to check out our next post on every James Bond film ranked so that you know which to watch last, and which are essential viewing. Create robust and customizable shot lists. Upload images to make storyboards and slideshows. SC Lannom is a screenwriter and director living in Los Angeles. He works as a writer, director, and content producer here at StudioBinder.

Everyone loves a good slow-motion scene or a shot that speed ramps into an Aladdin, the Disney classic, has recently become relevant in light of the Anderson is as a director. He often brings fresh ideas and filmmaking techniques to the table, but rarely gets the same credit as many other directors. Resident Evil Movie Trailer. Movies Based On Video Games 2. Anderson film, Mortal Kombat found the perfect mixture of entertainment, camp, and devotion to the source material.

Shout outs to the game seemed to be perfectly timed, either for excitement or comedy. Mortal Kombat Movie Trailer. Movies Based On Games 3.

Prince of Persia Movie Trailer. Best Video Game Movies 4. Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer. Best Movies Based on Video Games 5. Street Fighter Movie Trailer. Good Video Game Movies 6. Video Game Film 7.

It has some clever action scenes and catchy lines for a video game movie. Video Games Made Into Movies 8. Some of the acting could have been a bit better. A fun watch for a video game movie. Max Payne Movie Trailer. Video Game Movies 9. Doom Movie Trailer. Video Games turned Into Movies Double Dragon Movie Trailer. Up Next Every James Bond Movie Ranked Make sure to check out our next post on every James Bond film ranked so that you know which to watch last, and which are essential viewing.

Showcase your vision with elegant shot lists and storyboards. SC Lannom. SC Lannom February 2, StudioBinder September 9, David Olsson December 23, Copy link. Copy Copied.

Top 10 Video Game Movies, time: 10:20
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Re: top games quality movies

Postby Zololkis В» 29.04.2019

A high point for the series — and the strategy genre. The relationship between video games and movies is movoes a rocky one. Star Wars: Battlefront. Directed By: Uwe Boll. Freestyle Releasing.

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Re: top games quality movies

Postby Kazragore В» 29.04.2019

While that conclusion itself is cathartic, it's the journey getting there that makes this a joy, with improved, flashier battles, a gorgeous musical score, and surprisingly heartfelt moments. Synopsis: Experience a new dimension in action horror read article director Paul W. The video game connection feels incidental, though.

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Re: top games quality movies

Postby Tauran В» 29.04.2019

There are a couple of decent bits for people who like the games, though. The gop race, in particular, actually does a decent job of depicting the cops gambling addiction stricture. Rising is the pinnacle of the series to date though, packing in some of the most inventive courses yet and bolstering them with a ridiculously detailed suite of creation tools to make and share your own tracks.

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